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New House and Kitchen Inspiration Board

Three years and three months. That's how long we have been in our current house. This is the house we lived in when we became married, when I found out I was pregnant, when I was put on bed rest, and for the first 11 months of our son's life.  Lot's of pivotal and memorable events occurred here, and although I am so excited to be moving, it makes me a tad emotional to be leaving this house behind.  However, we know it's time to move on.  This was an amazing first home for us, but as our family grows, we find ourselves wanting more space and a more family friendly neighborhood. I'm excited to share that we close on our new house this week!  We can't wait to make the new space ours and to get settled in.  However, we are also increasing our square footage by nearly 1,000 feet, so deciding on how we will actually fill the rooms has become a bit daunting.  We know we want to live in the space a while before buying any big pieces of furniture, or before we start any renovations.  But it's still fun to begin brainstorming in the meantime 😉 I started with the kitchen and (of course) browsed Pinterest for hours, (what did we do pre-Pinterest!?) then created an inspiration board from there.  You might remember I'm a huge fan of inspiration boards since I created one for Jackson's nursery too 😉 Jeff and I want something clean, fresh, and classic.  So with that in mind, our "White Kitchen" inspiration board was born! kitcheninsplove Joanna Gaines "modern" farmhouse style, but want something a little more timeless.  We tried to bring in some elements from her show, Fixer Upper, without overdoing it.  For example, we love a good farmhouse sink, but to go with a more industrial look, we opted for a stainless steel one instead of the usual white ones you see.  We like the look of the classic white subway tile backsplash, and think a beautiful light marble, or granite would pair nicely with it.  A lot of our existing furniture also has a "rustic industrial" feel to it, so I was excited to find these awesome barstools form Wisteria.  The stainless steel cabinet bar pulls we picked out also add a sleek, modern touch to the classic shaker cabinets.  Lastly, I love adding pops of colors to a fairly neutral room, and since we already have a yellow Kitchen Aid mixer, I thought it would be fun to add some other yellow elements like a hand towel and utensil holder. Like I said, we are in no rush and this won't happen anytime soon.  But we look forward to planning and creating more idea boards in the mean time! Be sure to check back soon because I'll be sharing a living room idea board next.    


32 Week Nursery Progress

Good morning!  Hope everyone's week has started off well.  As you know, Jeff and I have been prepping the nursery for quite some time now.  I already shared our "DIY Book Ledges", and the "DIY Fabric Letters" we made.  Other than those two projects, we've completed a DIY framed pegboard, and DIY upholstered crate/ottoman.  I also have another little project in the works that I'll share once completed! Over the last few weeks, the room has really come together!  I got some key pieces at my first baby shower that has helped complete the room.  With those recent additions, I thought it would be fun to share what the room looks like so far and tell you all where we got everything!  If you remember, I shared a "Nursery Idea Board" back in May.  At that point, I actually already had the room painted, a crib, and a rocker.  I stuck pretty closely to the original ideas I had back then-just a few tweaks here and there.

Nursery Progress at 32 Weeks:

Nursery Update

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DIY Project: Nightstand and Coffee Table

So as my friends know, I've been going a little DIY crazy this summer with the new house. My biggest DIY love: making old and ugly wood furniture beautiful again!  I wanted to share two of my projects with you this week.

The first project is a nightstand that I fixed up for our guest room.  We found this dated hideous nightstand in a local thrift store.  The best part?  It was only $6.75!  So with a lot of sanding, some nails, a hammer, and spraypaint, I was able to make this beat up little piece of furniture pretty 🙂


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New House, New Floors, and Reupholstering Chairs YOUSELF!

I am so sorry that it has been a little over a month since my last post! Since then, I took three boats from my rowing team to the USRowing Youth Nationals.  We got 12th, 12th, and 14th.  Not too shabby out of the entire country!  Jeff has started a new job as a restaurant manager, I signed a contract to start a new job in August, we've had our first engagement party (more on that later!), and have a new house. Very busy past four weeks for us! With the new house, I have become fond obsessed with DIY projects.  I have had a little summer vacation since mid-June, and am only doing personal training until August.  So with my sudden free-time, I've really worked hard to get us all settled in our house.  Jeff, being a manager, has crazy long work hours, so I tried my best to do most of the house projects solo.

One project I definitely did not do on my own, or even attempt to do, was redoing the hardwood floors.  Before, the floors had a very shiny finish that was chipping and missing every few inches.  You can't see the chipped finish in the picture, and unfotunately I never got a close up of the floors, but trust me, it was BAD!  They were also stained a little too light for our taste. Before:beforefloors

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