I was a little insanely overwhelmed when I first started creating our baby registry.  Two years ago, I thought registering for our wedding was difficult, but that was a walk in the park compared to this!  For our wedding, Jeff and I were able to pick out items we wanted and items we knew we would use.  How can I possibly create a registry for a baby who cannot vocalize what he wants?!  And how can I possibly know what we will use or need?! I started browsing Pinterest and websites like "The Bump" and "Babylist" for registry ideas-I found the ones available on Babylist to be the most helpful.  After spending hours reading what others recommended for baby registries, I finally found the answer to all of my questions: Baby Bargains This book was a lifesaver. No joke. Buy it. Now!oprahBookCallout This book was given to me by my friend/neighbor, and I'm so thankful she introduced me to it!  You may remember I mentioned this book way back in my "First Trimester Pregnancy Favorites."  I would say I based 80% of our registry off of their recommendations.  Here is Amazon's description of this Godsend:
  •     Name brand reviews of car seats, bedding, strollers, high chairs, diapers and more.
  •     Dozens of safety tips to affordably baby proof your home.
  •     Five wastes of money with baby clothes and the best outlet bargains.
  •     Nine tips to saving money on cribs, plus in-depth reviews of crib brands.
  •     The truth about strollers—and which brands work best in the real world.
  •     The seven most ridiculous baby products.
  •     Detailed charts that compare brands of cribs, strollers,  car seats and more.
I wasn't really using this book to find the best "bargains."  I used it more as a guide for what was a necessity, and what products had the best reviews.  Honestly, I would've been lost without their suggestions. With that being said, I want to share our "Baby Registry Checklist" with all of you!  Like the "Ultimate Layette Checklist" and "Baby Clothing Tracker," I created, this checklist is also designed on an 8.5" x 11" canvas so you can print it off for yourself! 😉8.5x11registry   After creating a list of what we would need, I began researching specific brands and models that were considered the best, safest, etc.  If you want to know what we specifically registered for based off of the Baby Bargains book and other reputable registries, here's that list... (You can find all of these products on Amazon or at Buy Buy Baby, Toys R Us, or Target)FINALRegistry   And there you have it! After Baby Dunn is born, I'll be sure to update you all on what worked for us 🙂 Enjoy!