I am about half way through my pregnancy and am starting have been envisioning the nursery for months. I would like to get a jump start on at least the painting and assembling the crib because running around Texas in August at 7.5 months pregnant does not sound ideal to say the least.

We moved into our house back in June of 2013.  I was working part-time that summer and spent all of my free time painting our house.  When I say "painting our house," I mean literally painting every inch of the interior.  I went a little nuts that summer with the decorating and painting because it was our first house together and I just couldn't wait to make it feel like home 🙂  When it came time to paint our guest room, I knew I wanted something light and airy.  All of the furniture in the room is white, and we bought this fantastic white bedding as well.  With that in mind, I chose Behr's "Cool Sky" (530E-2) as the wall color.CoolSky

I had almost finished painting the room and was working on the trim when one of the contractors came in to see my progress.  The first thing he said was, "Nice work.  Looks like a little boy's nursery."  Little did I know that 1.5 years later I would be expecting a little boy! When I've told my friends and family that I want to paint the "nursery" a different color, they all seem shocked and ask me why I don't just leave it the cute baby blue color that it already is.  I know it seems silly to change it when the color would work perfectly for a baby boy, but I've never wanted a pink or blue nursery.  It's just not for me. So what colors are left for a boy?  Red? - too intense.  Yellow? - our master bedroom is yellow.  Navy? ... maybe as an accent color! Now cue my obsession with mint and gray... Our house has an open concept floor plan and I chose Valspar's "Filtered Shade" (4003-1B) for the living room, dining room, kitchen, and den.filteredshade I also chose Valspar's "Mint Gala" (6001-7B) for our main bathroom.MintGala

I started looking to Pinterest for inspiration, and loved the way navy, mint, and gray looked together.frames mobile cadenlane

And so my nursery style board was born!FINALFINALNurseryIdeaBoard

1. Gray Curtains - Target 2.  Behr Paint "Clear Aqua" (P440-2) - Home Depot 3. White Dresser - Home Comfort (Online) 4. Sheepskin Rug - Overstock.com 5. Ampersand - Etsy 6. Goodnight Wire Wall Art - Etsy 7. "I'll Eat You Up" Wall Art - Etsy 8. *Different From Picture* Crib - Nebraska Furniture Mart 9. "The World Is Your Oyster" Wall Art - Etsy 10. Elephant Hamper - Amazon 11. Pillows - Caden Lane 12. Rocker - Target

We bought the crib from Nebraska Furniture Mart during their huge Memorial Day Sale.  I also bought the paint and curtains this week.  The other decor  will come a little later.  I just feel relieved knowing that the crib and wall color is taken care of!  Now to just get the baby registry finalized...

Your Turn: 1. How did you plan your nursery? 2. What colors did you use in your nursery? 3. What was the most challenging part of creating space for your baby?