I am SO sorry it has been nearly a YEAR since I last blogged.  Inexcusable!  I promise to get better about that especially now that we have some exciting news to share!

This family of two is now becoming a family of three!Pregnancy Announcement

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE: Please note that I plan on being 100% open and honest about this pregnancy.  That means writing about all of the gory and not so pretty details.  If you don't wanna know, don't keep reading...but I hope you all will appreciate the candor, and enjoy our journey 😉

A Little Backstory...

Jeff and I had gone back and forth with the idea of having a baby in the near future.  I hadn't had a menstrual cycle in nearly THREE years.  Before you freak out and think, "That's terrible!  That's not normal!"  Let me clarify that my OBGYN assured me everything was fine.  I was on a birth control pill that only has 10 micrograms of estrogen, so lighter or non-existant periods are normal.  Even with the assurance of my doc, my friends and other doctors (dermatologist, dentist, general practitioner) had me convinced that I may have issues having children because of the lack of a cycle - LOL... if only we all knew!lolo

So around our one year wedding anniversary, we had decided that I should stop taking my birth control because "we would probably struggle to get pregnant and it would take months or possibly years for my cycle to regulate again."  So I did!

How baby Dunn came to be...

Remember how I've struggled with stomach pains/issues?  After our 1 year wedding anniversary cruise, I fell off the paleo train 🙁 It was difficult impossible to stay on the diet while I was at sea for two days at a time with very limited food choices.  So we returned from the cruise on January 11, 2015, and so did my stomach pains - with a vengeance!  Not to mention some serious bloat from eating way too many grains. At this point I had officially stopped my birth control and we had adopted the "que sera sera" mindset.  I scheduled an appointment with my OBGYN for the first of February, to come up with a game plan, and to discuss my options and the likelihood of me getting pregnant.  Before I met with her, she had me take a pregnancy test since I had been off of the pill for 2.5 weeks... it came back negative. (As I continue with this story, keep in mind these two facts: 1. I had not had a menstrual cycle in years.  2. I took a pregnancy test that came back negative.) The appointment with my OB went well.  Jeff and I decided that we would start "trying" late April/early May...

Fast forward to Sunday, March 1, 2015

I felt terrible like complete crap.  I hadn't had a good workout in weeks (for those of you who know me, you know this is VERY unusual), I was tired 24/7, severe stomach cramps, cranky, etc.  I even called my mom that weekend and told her I was going to see the doctor because I felt as if I had a combination of mono and a stomach bug.  In fact, that Sunday I was supposed to workout with one of my best friends, but I ended up canceling because I was too exhausted and nauseous.   Let me clarify this state of exhaustion... when I say "tired" or "exhausted," I mean so freakin' tired that I couldn't get out of bed, and every inch of me ached.  By this point I had also noticed my chest had gotten bigger.  I just thought my post-cruise weight gain and birth control free body were the cause of this sudden change.  However, there was one super obvious sign that I didn't pick up on and still has me laughing... On Friday, February 27, 2015, I was sitting on the couch at the gym where I train my clients.  I was a little early and waiting for my client to arrive.  Another man walked in front of where I was sitting to fill his water bottle, and I immediately because queasy.   He didn't have b.o. or anything, but his scent made me want to puke.  It became so bad that I actually had to get up and walk to the other side of the gym. So now two days have passed since this bizarre gym incident and it's Sunday.  I'm feeling like death, crying hysterically, and counting down the hours until I can see a doctor. I call my OBGYN the second they open on Monday, March 2, 2015 and set an appointment that day around noon.  I decided to see her first because she is very familiar with my stomach issues.  Before the appointment, I had one personal training client and one fitness boot camp to run.   By the end of my morning sessions, I could barely stand because I was cramping so badly.  I actually called my husband in the parking lot of the gym and explained to him that I wasn't sure I would be able to drive home because the pain was so severe.  I managed to get home, and was so relieved Jeff happened to have the day off from work and could drive me to the doctor's office. When I got the the doctor's, the first thing the nurse asked me was, "Are you sure you aren't pregnant?"  I immediately laughed it off, and reluctantly peed in the plastic cup she handed me.  Shortly after, my doctor came into the room to talk about my symptoms. I probably babbled about this pain and my experience for close to 10 minutes before she finally interrupted me and said, "Well, I'm going to throw you a curve ball... You're pregnant." I felt my jaw drop, heart start pounding, and sat in silence staring at her for a few seconds.  When I finally processed what she had told me, my only response was, "HOW?!"  Stupid, I know. She chuckled and replied, "I'm pretty sure you know how!"  She then asked me if my husband was in the waiting room, which I quickly responded, "Yes! Can you get him?" A few moments later, my doctor and Jeff came back into the room.  Jeff had a giant smile on his face and already knew where this was going.  The doctor told him the exciting news and here we are!

I took my own pregnancy test the moment we got home because I was just convinced the doctor was wrong...IMG_9131

Turns out was wrong.  I was actually pregnant...already 9 weeks in fact!

Next, we decided how we were going to share the exciting news with our parents.  Be sure to check out the next blog post for those fun and exciting details!

Your Turn: -How did you find out you were pregnant? -Did you wait to tell your partner, or tell him/her in a creative way?